What's with the noise!!

Nuha Razik, a.k.a. Untamed Youth, creates artwork that is heavily influenced by music and sound, as well as the visual and the subconscious.

Keep the Untamed Youth page open to listen to a selection of music, interviews, readings, and audio extracts that influence the work of Untamed Youth.

26 May 2010

Hotel Amour /AKA I Think You're Magic..

Through Tranquillised Eyes I See You

Selfzine Portrait

10 May 2010


Gary Oi Oi!

Is Tropical.

Is Tropical.

Is Tropical.

Is Acid.

Is Tropical.

Silhouette Chaos.

Is Tropical.

Still Silver.

Back stage of Vivienne Westwood.

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Show Paris 2010

VW Gay Comics First Draft.

Myles Apart.

Selfish Cunt.

Don't Be A Fool Billy!

Steve and Debbie.

We Have Band.

My Friend Goo Good Times.

Blue's Gothic Blues.

Louis- Egyptian Hip Hop

Second hand Riddle

Lady X

For a thousand years.

Pseudo Heartache